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Spring Born 2020 Calves, Dickson Simmental Cattle

2020 calves are arriving and we couldn’t be more excited.  Despite the muddy conditions this year and the lack of winter all is going rather well.  Be sure to visit this summer and pick out that next herd bull or inject some top genetics into your herd with a new female. Thanks to all our great customers over the years who have purchased bulls and heifers.  We hope your calving is going great and looking forward to seeing your new calves.


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Dickson Simmental Spring 2019 Calves

Despite the cold wet weather this winter and muddy conditions throughout the fall, this years Simmental calves are looking great. The cows can’t wait for the green grass to return.  Over the next month, a majority of our calves will be born. Watch for more info on our calves in the near future.

Below is a 6 hour old Simmental heifer calf 1904G  (Dam: Jewel x 3C Macho and Sire: Combustible Son)

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Simmental Bulls for Sale 2017

The new calves being born this spring are fantastic.  Looking forward to a nice selection sired by Cowboy Cut, WC United, Unomas, NLC Upgrade, Angus(Gar Profit and Sandpoint Butkus), Combustible Son, just to name a few. Stop by and have a look- you may just find that next herd bull or show heifer.


I have a couple of May 2016 bulls in the lot For Sale. #3117143  DSC Overhaulin (Solid Black) and #3117142 DSC Pale Face (Blaze Face).  Both of these young sires will be perfect for a July 2017 or after turn out. Below is DSC Pale Face (left)  along with our 20 month old Combustible son (right).


Call Dan for more info on these 2 sires Overloadin and Pale Face. 740-877-7060.

Below is DSC Combustible at 9 months. Calves arriving Feb 2017 from this young sire.

20151108_161028 small


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Registered Simmental Bulls for Sale 2016


Simmental Bulls for Sale in Ohio

We have 2 yearling Registered Simmental and Simmental cross bulls still available. These 2 bulls are sired by JF Rancher and DSC Simshorthorn.  These 2 sires are tremendous and would elevate your calf crop to the next level.  Both have great EPD numbers.

Call Dan at 740-877-7060 for details on what we have to offer.

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