Dickson Simmental, Farm Report May 1, 2011, Turkey Hunting, Morrel Mushrooms

We finally were able to move cattle to one of our summer pastures this weekend.  The rain has let up for the moment and the grass is beginning to grow.  We are do to get more rain this week.  The pastures are very wet and soft but I couldn’t wait.  The extra 3 weeks of feeding hay in April this year compaired to last year is not good.  Here are some pics of the cows on fresh grass.  The morrel mushrooms are also up for I found a nice bunch this morning while turkey hunting.







 We have been doing a fair amout of A.I work and getting most of our cows bred for January and February 2012 calves.  Our new herd bull (DSC Q Tip 2X) which we raised is a 3C Macho son.  He is looking for the opportunity to get out with the girls. We will most likely be turned out this week with a group of the later calving cows and some of the ones that we have already A.I. bred.

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